Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 8"s Camp Reflection

The year 8's went to the lovely Christian Camp Youth. It was a long ride on the bus and I was sitting next to my buddy, Kobe. Mr Barks was in the front of us and was asking about Kobe’s presentation on his blog, as they talked off I saw domes and a lot of bushes. We finally arrived and it was a relief and that was my favorite thing was the bus ride.

My favorite activity was the hike, it was a 3 hour hike and my buddy Kobe I had to keep an eye on because of his asthma. It was slippery on the tree roots and there were steep paths that had me to jump or slide down.My best part of this activity was the run down it was hard having to hook on to trees I even did a cannonball in the bushes which really hurt while rolling like a spike-o-pult breaking things along the way. There was a three way path and Lepa, Kaiden and others were there taking their shirts off, I took the right path while running and I caught up with the others. We made it to the finishing point and climbed the fences.

The best part of the week was the Waikato Hot Springs and it was awesome and the water slide was fun and sore. I hated having to go flying off the slide and slam into I even hit my leg on the edge and now there is a bump on it now OUCH!  We finished and went back to school but we had a break down and changed buses hehe.

Thanks Dominiq

Monday, December 3, 2012

Expectation For Camp

The year 8’s will be going on camp in one more day, the name is Christian Youth Camp (CYC) and I’m excited. It will be cloudy this week probably. There will be 5-10 activities and it will be fun. What I will be expecting from me is to be safe and have fun. One of the parts I’m looking forward to is sleeping in the cabins. I wonder what games and sporting events will be happening this week who knows it could be fun.

One of the activities I'm looking forward to is the slide and roasting marshmallows they will be tasty. I hope we are allowed to do some bombing and it will be awesome along with paintball but it will be painful yet fun.

Thank You Miracle

Friday, November 30, 2012


On a wonderful day the year 8 and I went to Tamaki College for tech and when it finished we stayed. We stayed so that we could go to some class and man they were awesome.

The first class that my group went to was Music. The teacher there was funny I didn’t really know his name so I called him Sir. One of a our tasks were to make up a rap. It was hard but we came up with one it goes like this Netbooks are cool like school but we don’t like to follow rules. That's all we came up with.

We next went to English and we did some poems. My poem was about dragons and how they live and it was fun. We went to a room so that we could record ourselves, I did make some mistakes but the rest was perfect.

The last one was science and I was excited it is my favorite subject. When we got inside we made tasty toffee  but it was hard. The last was making a balloon helicopter. Mine was small it didn’t go very high I came last.

Thank you Tui

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bushfire

In Western Australia a little boy called Sole who was a fit kid and  was going for a bushwalk.  and he saw some fascinating birds even some he hasn’t seen in the country. He found $50 dollars on the ground and said “choice 50 bucks for me I’m the man”.

Sole was half way there and soon he could smell something burning and he looked behind him and saw a light getting brighter than everything around started to burn. He was startled and began to run and when he could hear the road the only way there was burnt. Evertyhing was soon red.

Sole could hear a siren and and is stopped then he saw blue and red flashing. He could feel some water touch his feet then the intense flame begin to evaporate. Then they saw him and took to the hospital and took good care and soon he went home safely.

Thanks Stevie for helping me with my work

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sumatra Presentation

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This is my presentation I have made about Sumatra.
Enjoy the presentation.

Earth's Big Break Up

There has been earthquakes in Sumatra due to the Indo-Australian and Sunda tectonic plates have been rubbing against each other and it is causing earthquakes across the country. These earthquakes have put out huge amounts of seismic activity in the world since half a century. The earthquakes how been known to be felt all the way in Mexico and that is pretty amazing besides one that has been felt in Los Angles.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


When my classroom went swimming, some of us didn't go swimming we had to right things about two words help and huddle. Help was one that I wasn’t shore with but huddle well it was common to me when stranded out at sea. Huddle is a technique that helps keep you warm, you fold your arms and cross your legs to trap heat in.

There were some questions on a sheet of paper asking you about why should you stay with a capsized boat. I thought that it could give shelter and is a little warm in it. The were about six objects on the poster and they were a chilly bin, a boat, planks of wood and etc. These were important gears they keep a float.

Thanks Stevie for helping me with my work.