Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 8"s Camp Reflection

The year 8's went to the lovely Christian Camp Youth. It was a long ride on the bus and I was sitting next to my buddy, Kobe. Mr Barks was in the front of us and was asking about Kobe’s presentation on his blog, as they talked off I saw domes and a lot of bushes. We finally arrived and it was a relief and that was my favorite thing was the bus ride.

My favorite activity was the hike, it was a 3 hour hike and my buddy Kobe I had to keep an eye on because of his asthma. It was slippery on the tree roots and there were steep paths that had me to jump or slide down.My best part of this activity was the run down it was hard having to hook on to trees I even did a cannonball in the bushes which really hurt while rolling like a spike-o-pult breaking things along the way. There was a three way path and Lepa, Kaiden and others were there taking their shirts off, I took the right path while running and I caught up with the others. We made it to the finishing point and climbed the fences.

The best part of the week was the Waikato Hot Springs and it was awesome and the water slide was fun and sore. I hated having to go flying off the slide and slam into I even hit my leg on the edge and now there is a bump on it now OUCH!  We finished and went back to school but we had a break down and changed buses hehe.

Thanks Dominiq


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